As the owner of an ecommerce store, you would have a fair idea of how difficult it is to induce a visitor to actually close a transaction. The number of stores on the internet actually hurt your cause. In this scenario, your only hope is Social Commerce. The connected world of social media and blogosphere is now the biggest areas of opportunities for store owners.

When talking about social commerce, the first question that everyone asks is this:

Why should I worry about social commerce when I am already on Facebook and Twitter?

The answer to this one is rather long.

Five reasons why social commerce should become your priority # 1 are

Customer Loyalty

Ecommerce is all about building long term relations with your targeted community. Since you are already on various social media channels, you should focus on cultivating customer loyalty by using targeted interactions and customized sales pitches.

These two methods will improve visitor interaction and are considered to be a major component of building a loyal customer base. One important thing to remember in building customer loyalty is that it is a two way street. You have to be on top of your customer care game. Respond to the comments and queries from your community and you will have a great customer base.

Repeat Purchases and Returning customers

One very touchy issue in ecommerce is that of returning customers and repeat sales. It is very good that you have customers coming to your store. Even more important than that is the question whether they are new customers or the ones who have already purchased from your site?

Social commerce, through its hooks in your social media community, could give your store customers who actually return for their second purchase. These are the most valuable type of customers who will become part of the fan base and would promote your store on social media.

Greater Search Engine Optimization

To be brutally honest, ecommerce is highly dependent on search engine rankings. If you are not on the first page of the search results, the chances of a transaction on your website are pretty slim.

Social commerce is the latest technique that has shown great results in SEO. The reason is very simple. When you start social commerce activities, the mentions of your blog shoot up and the crawler of major search engines start to see your brand at various places on the internet. This diverse presence on the internet is the key that drives the SE rankings way up.

Social commerce is undervalued at the moment

Right now is the best time for you to enter the social commerce arena. Not many small and medium businesses have realized the impact of social commerce on their business. This is the right time for you to start applying all the tricks of the trade. This will drive the traffic away from the competition and could win you some more customers.

Gain in authority of your brand

The authority of a brand on social media is its key asset. Social commerce is one of the best means of establishing and augmenting your brand’s authority on the social media channels. The more authority your brand has, the more influence it wields in the industry.

Social commerce generates favourable mentions, brings in more fans and followers and makes your brand stand up amongst the multitude.