Web development has become a very competitive field. The breath of the field and the various technologies that one must know about has caused many developers to start considering a specific set of tools for their assignments.

Ask any developer and you will come up with a different set of tools and resources. Every developer has come up a routine that employs certain tools in a very specific combination. All in all, the end justifies the means is a very true statement in the case of web development.

However, there are certain tools that every web developer uses. These tools are used because of their unique features, ubiquity or simply out of habit. Whatever the case maybe, here is the list of the most common tools that almost every web developer uses


Internet is full of useful resources, code snippets and articles about the art of web development. To keep track of these resources, one tool used by almost every professional is evernote. Evernote works across devices to give the most updated version of the bookmarks, lists and snippets you save for your work.

Drop Box

Drop Box has become the standard of cloud storage services all over the world. The platform allows you to store, modify and even sure your files anywhere on the internet. The initial free account comes with a 2 GB space that is almost enough for small web development projects. Consider upgrading if you wish to maintain larger storage space.


XAMPP is the best known server environment for LAMP platform. It provides excellently live testing and development environment to the developers. The robust web service integrates all services and software platform that are used in web development projects. All major web development languages such as PHP, Perl and MySQL have native support. It is even deployed to demo the projects to the clients and for prototyping purposes.


Version control is the nightmare of every web developer. As the project grows, the various versions of the files make it difficult to keep track of the latest files. Git offers a distributed version control system that allows large projects to be completed with efficiency and ease.


Diffchecker is an awesome website that takes care of one minor but very important aspect of web development; small changes in the code or text that could snowball into huge blunders. Diffchecker takes two versions of the file and highlight the differences between them. Web developers usually use this website for spotting difference in the text of the websites.