Our Four Areas of Expertise

Infintix Global is an all-around solution provider with four major specializations; Ecommerce, Web Design and Development, SEO and Corporate Identity development. We provide quality solutions for small and large businesses. Our teams are experts in designing and developing bespoke solutions that fit your requirements exactly, increase your revenue and generate customers’ goodwill. We work with our clients in developing ecommerce websites that provide the very best in user experience and functionality. We ensure that you have an edge over the competition and that your business grows because of our contribution to design and development of your website.

Ecommerce Solutions

Ecommerce solutions built on open source technologies for a highly profitable online business


Web Design and Development

Responsive design and hand coded HTML for spectacular online presence

Search Engine Optimization

Everything from deployment, custom development and customized themes

Corporate Identity Development

Custom CMS makes site updates a breeze

Our Full Range of Services

Creative Web Design starts with an idea!

Whether you are looking for a new website or a redesign for your existing website, Infintix Global is your best bet for new and attractive webs design. Our suite of web design services is the result of our experience in web design and development.

Setting up a website is a team effort and YOU are the most important player of the team. Your ideas and requirements are the mainstays of the project. This is why it is important that you understand how InfintixGlobal develops a website and what services we offer.

Your website is no more a novelty. It is your prime presence in a global village where everyone turns to the internet for information, product evaluation and comparison. Thus, a website that is functional, eye catching and informative at the same time is an essential requirement for any business venture.

What should a great website do for you?

A well designed and developed website is one of the most valuable tools for your business. InfintixGlobal is committed to providing you with website that

  • Enhance your online presence
  • Allow all stakeholders easy access to information about your products and services
  • Help convert visitors and leads into customers
  • Keep all visitors informed and up-to-date
  • Perform exactly as you wish

Bespoke Web Design

Why should you go for bespoke web design when there are thousands of free templates available on the internet?

Why should you spend time and effort in coordinating with the Infintix Global’s web design team when you can just upload a template after a few changes?

The answer is really simple and is divided into two parts.

A bespoke Web design is exactly what you require

No template in the world could fulfil all your requirements. Every business is unique and everyone has distinctive ideas about how they want their website to look like. This is where the bespoke web design comes in. you provide InfintixGlobal with your vision of the website and we make sure that the end result is exactly that. This is one great edge of bespoke web design.

Changes, Extensions and Redesigns are easier with bespoke web design

Everyone has second thoughts about their ideas. Last minute suggestions are not uncommon either. Some of the changes are just minor tweaks while some are complete revisions that change entire sections of the website. A bespoke web design takes care of these common occurrences and accommodates the changes/revisions without affecting any other thing on the website. This allows smooth functioning of the website without any downtime.

The Website Design Process

Website design does not have to be a messy and complicated business. Our web design process is meant to simplify and streamline the website development process for you. The process is broken down into five events, each serving as a milestone for the project. The process keeps you in the loop at all times and your input is sought at every step.

Requirement Analysis

Requirement analysis is the first step of website design. This is the phase where you tell us your ideas and requirements. We break down the ideas into steps that constitute a plan of action. Once you have agreed to the plan, we move on to the next phase


The second stage gets the customers really excited. Here, our team turn the information gathered in the first stage into reality. The process starts with a wireframe image that shows the major components of the website. The placement of elements and the colour scheme is tweaked to perfection and the customer is consulted for any changes or revisions.

A demo version is built that details all the visual elements and working parts of the website. Once the customer agrees to the appearance of the website the process moves on to the third phase


The development phase is the where the actual work of designing and building the website takes place. Our team takes the demo version created in the second phase and incorporate functionalities and backend code to the front end approved by the client.

The last part of this phase is the thorough testing of all the features of the website. This testing is a vital part of the website development process and is meant to limit the errors in the live website.

Deployment and Live Testing

The website is deployed to the web server of the customer. At this point, the website is ready for business. We, however recommend that the customer test drive the live version of the website for a few days to flush out any errors that might have slipped past our Quality Control testing plan.

Final Handover and Signoff

The final step is really a simple signoff step. We hand over the website to the customer along with development log and all access credentials.

Technologies Used in Web Design

Web design has become increasingly technical with the efforts being distributed in three different key areas; core architecture, functionality and aesthetics.


HTML stands for Hyper Text Markup Language. It is the language in which the basis of web pages is written. HTML provides the scaffoldings upon which the core of the website stands. The latest version of HTML is HTML 5. This version carries many improvements that allow our team to achieve wonderfully stable and complex framework for your website


PHP is the poster child of web development community. It is the most popular programing language, powering a large portion of the internet. Many well-known websites such as Facebook are coded in PHP. Out expert programmers are well versed in developing complete solutions for your website.


CSS and JQuery provide the aesthetics of the website. The beautiful sliders, animated effects and eye catching visuals are the result of the clever use of these two technologies. CSS is a major component of Responsive Web Design that allows your website to be dynamically resized for a specific screen size. JQuery is used to operate the sliders, link the pictures and images to webpages and even setup entire slideshows within the webpage.

Get Impressive business stationery design for your business.

Well designed stationery is the first measure of the trustworthiness of your business. Excellent stationery designs are instrumental in generating goodwill of the customers.

Business stationery design is a sensitive matter in which colours, fonts and images combine to create a pleasing impression on the receiver. Stationery designs are not limited to just letterheads. At InfintixGlobal, we create the full range of office stationery designs including business cards, envelops, notepads, rough pads and letterheads.

A complete and attractive stationery design is also important for the image of your brand. Alongside your logo, an impressive business stationery design forma a favourable impression of your brand and services.

Do you need a custom stationery design?

This is the first question that many customers ask of us. The answer is YES! You do need a bespoke business stationery design. The reason is very simple. Every business is different. The right combinations of colours and a design that communicates the subtle points of the brand’s image works wonders. This effect is impossible to achieve by generic off-the shelf stationery design.

Why choose InfintixGlobal for your stationery designs

As a business offering services to many different clients all over the world, we understand the value of attractive stationery designs. Our stationery designer team is well versed in the art of creating the stationery designs that give your organization an authoritative corporate introduction.

What can InfintixGlobal do for your business stationery design?

It really does not matter whether you contact us for a single item or the full range of office stationery. Our stationery designers are experts who can start with the initial instructions of the customer and come up with a stunning consistent look for the stationery design.

The best scenario is when you allow us to generate stationery design for all of your requirements. This best case scenario means that we are able to come up with a design that exactly suits both your brand and needs.

The age of Smart device is upon us. Smartphones, tablets, digital TV boxes and intelligent refrigerators are now part of our lives.

To take the most out of these everyday devices, small software components called apps are the key. InfintixGlobal is a leading name in the development of apps for both business and pleasure. The development of apps is a unique enterprise with its own specific development life cycle and quirks.

Our app development team is crewed by creative and knowledgeable programmers and analysts who understand both your requirements and the opportunities of your chosen platform. Utilizing the latest development tools and methodologies, the app development team creates highly customized mobile applications.

Our experience in mobile application development is second to none with a number of successful apps for businesses and individual customers. Our app development team is expert in developing e-commerce, utility and entertainment apps for all platforms.

Why do you need an app for your business?

The increasing number of smart phones in corporate and public sector means that majority of your customers already use one for work and play. An app is among the most valuable and visible way of generating customers’ goodwill. A custom built app gives your business the following advantages:

  • Gain access to new customers and international markets
  • constant access to your products and services
  • Schedule appointments and view availability of timeslots for your services
  • 24/7 access to customers
  • Use push notifications to inform customers of the latest promotions and news
  • Customers could re-buy your services and products without any hassle.
  • Increase customer loyalty through access to high quality apps

Our App Development Services Include:

iPhone Application Development

iPhone is still the market standard of smartphone performance. iPhone apps are known for their usability and ease of use. Our app development team stays abreast of the latest changes in the iPhone app development field with emphasis on the upgrades in the iOS operating system. we specialize in developing apps for all versions of iPhone using the latest iPhone SDK and related tools.

iPad Application Development

iPad is one of the most popular gadgets of all times. the stunning sale of the device has made it a prime target for business and entertainment apps. iPads are found in airplanes, hospitals and schools, to name a few uses of the device. our app development team is well versed in developing apps specifically for iPad. The apps for iPad are developed on the same principles as those for iPhone. However, the visual elements are resized to accommodate the larger screen of iPad.

Android Application Development

Android is the hottest development platform right now. It powers almost 50% of the smart devices all over the world. Android is backed by Google. This allows Android to maintain a huge ecosystem of free and paid apps. Our app development team is well versed in utilizing the power of Android OS. We have developed Android based apps for both business and entertainment causes.

Windows Mobile Application Development

Windows Mobile is an upcoming operating system that has its niche market with dedicated customer base. we develop Windows Mobile apps in both integrated and standalone modes. integrated apps are cross device and can share data and operations across multiple devices. standalone apps run on a single device with no interface to other devices.

Our Development Process

The development process for apps is different from other technology development cycles. The main difference lies in the way analysis is carried out in the initial phases and quality testing and coding cycles are interconnected. This allows a much shorter development cycle with a robust app with few errors.

The app development cycle comprise of the following phases

Analysis and evaluation of the proposal

When you contact us, our sales and technical teams will sit down and carefully evaluate your ideas. We understand that you have a very precise idea of how you’re your app should look like and function. Our technical team convert your ideas into a development plan with concrete milestones

Prototyping and initial development

Your app is divided into a front end which the customer sees and interacts with. The backend of the app is where all the processing and functionality takes place. We create a working demo of your app so that you could see what your ideas look like in reality.

Code development and testing

Once you are satisfied with the demo, we start the development of the app. Various functionalities are added. At the same time, testing and QA process is also started so that the code of the app is free of all issues.

Final Evaluation and Handover

Once you are satisfied with the final version of the app, we prepare the final handover of the app to you. This includes original source code and support documents.

What Infintix Global has to offer to you

Fast Development Cycle

InfintixGlobal ensures that your ideas become reality as soon as possible. This is why we employ agile development methodology in all over app development projects. We also have a comprehensive code testing guideline in place to trap and eliminate errors before they make it to the final product.

Experience and Expertise

Our app development team comprises of veteran developers who have been involved in app development for quite some time. This experience and expertise is invaluable for our ability to provide top of the line services to our clients.

One Place- Many Solutions

InfintixGlobal offers a host of solutions to customers looking for a mobile app based solution. We provide complete development solutions, advice on how to develop your idea and consultancy on every aspect of the mobile app development life cycle. In addition, we also support our customers by providing in-depth documentation for all the apps we develop for our customers.

Cost Effective solutions

Infintix Global believes that mobile apps should be very competitively priced. This is reflected in our drive of reducing the cost of overall development of the mobile app. We also develop cross platform and cross device solutions so that the client could save on the price of infrastructure.

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is the art of getting your brand rank higher in the search engine results. This is accomplished by a combination of activities on your website and at external websites. Together, these two sub-activities result in getting your website achieve higher ranking in major search engines.

Why do you need SEO activities for your website?

Internet has become so ingrained in our lives that at times it is invisible as the medium for getting advice and talking to friends. Everyone turns to the internet for shopping or getting the reviews about the products they intend to buy.

Thus, the more a business is visible to the internet users, the more chances it has of making the sale t someone looking for products or services in their niche. One of the best ways of gaining visibility on the internet is through the first page of results generated by major search engines. If your business or brand is among the top results, you can be sure of a visit or a possible sale.

Search engines such as Google and Bing are the first place people looking for information turn to. This means that the ranking and thus the visibility of your website is very important for your business. However, these search engines have complex algorithms in place that automatically rank the website after analysing a number of factors on and about the website.

The most important thing to keep in mind is that the search engines have very strict guidelines for what they consider legal and illegal activities. In many cases, clients and even SEO professionals overstep the line and cause damage to their standing. This damage could be repaired by instant and accurately directed action designed to remedy the problem by high value links and quality content.

How SEO activities are carried out?

Many people confuse SEO as a set of discrete one-time activities that get their website a constant place in search engine results. However, in reality, SEO is an on-going process that spans both your website and the whole internet.

Another misconception about SEO is that you could delegate the activities to a contractor and get the results in a week. This is a common mistake that many people make. SEO is a slow on gong process that requires your constant input on how things are going and what changes you would like in the current SEO strategy.

SEO activities are divided into two major components; on-page and off-page activities.

What are on-page activities?

On-page activities are activities that are carried on your website. These activities are focused on making your website shipshape according to the SEO strategy. This is often the first step in any SEO strategy. The process starts with a detailed survey of your website. Both the layout and content of the website is examined by our experts. Usually we prefer to make the changes ourselves but upon the client’s request, we could provide the details so that the clients could carry out the changes themselves. Following are the major activities in on-page segment of SEO:

  • A thorough review of the layout, code and content of the website
  • Analysis and streamlining of the load time of the website and its pages
  • evaluating and fixing of the issues with site navigation and user experience
  • A thorough review of internal linking of the website with emphasis on building the maximum number of internal links.
  • Analysis of the content of the website for keyword density and placement
  • Improvements to call-to-action instances on the various pages.
  • Evaluation of all the Meta elements (titles, descriptions and tags)
  • Revamping of the page titles, descriptions and major tags so that they are aligned with the keyword analysis and SEO strategy

What are Off-Page SEO activities

Off-Page activities are usually the second phase of the SEO strategy. These activities are carried out after the on-page activities are over. They activities focus on getting the website visibility and clout with major search engines.

This section of the SEO strategy is often the longest running because of its dynamic nature. A search engine rates a website on several factors. Three of these factors that are considered most important and crucial for any SEO strategy form the basis of a goof off-page campaign; quality content, good outbound links and great incoming links.

Following are the major activities in off-page SEO

  • Creating back links.
  • Article submissions and press releases on other networks.
  • Creating local listings on Google.
  • Directory submissions.
  • Viral marketing techniques comprising of social media like Facebook and Twitter.
  • Local marketing.

Social media has emerged as one of the most important component of off-page SEO activities. It is used to spread the word about the products and services, build long term two-way relations and generate incoming and outgoing links that rate high in search engines’ ranking algorithms.

Infintix Global has a clear cut policy on its SEO services. We believe that SEO services should be cost effective, tailor-made for the client’s requirements and carry no risks for the client’s standing in various search engines.

Here are four reasons why you should partner with Infintix Global for your SEO related requirements:

 Infintix Global is results oriented

We believe in getting your website on the first page of the major search engines. Our entire strategy is built on this one simple premise.

Infintix Global is competitively priced

Our top-of-the-line services are priced such that they fit your budget. We have flexible price plans for our clients so that they could avail our services at their ease.

Infintix Global provide Individualized services

We understand that each customer is different with a different set of requirements and distinct priorities. This is why we offer a completely individualized consultation and strategy services to our clients.

Infintix Global provide transparent services

We always keep you in the loop with weekly status reports on how your brands are performing. These reports are designed such that you will have a clear picture of where you stand in search engine rankings.

Hire a virtual employee

Cannot find talented people for your next project?

Looking for a quick expansion in your development team?

Wish to outsource your BPO processes to a dependable team?

Need a web or software development team at reasonable rates?

If the answer to any one of the above questions is in affirmative, you have come to the right place. Infintix Global has initiated a new project which aims to match quality human resource with your requirements. We have the proper infrastructure and support staff to make sure the entire process from pre-hiring to the point when the virtual employee starts working for you is accomplished smoothly.

Why should you hire a virtual employee?

There are several advantages of hiring a virtual employee. People are often afraid of hiring virtual employees abut once they have a great experience with our recruitment process and state-of-the-art infrastructure, they usually go on and hire a complete virtual team for their projects.

The first and the most important benefit of hiring a virtual employee is monetary savings. It is more cost effective to hire a virtual employee and let us take care of the hassle of providing proper tools to get the person going. You will get the same level of output from a virtual employee sitting in our premises as a person working in your own office!

The next advantage is the ease of hiring the ‘right’ candidate. When you engage InfintixGlobal for your virtual hiring procedures, you get access to a huge talent pool. This pool comprises of IT professionals, graphic artists, business support professionals and medical professionals, to name a few specialities.

The third advantage is the ability to quickly build a team for rapid and time execution of your projects. InfintixGlobal understands that your project requires immediate attention. This means that you want to dedicate minimum of time to staffing. Here is where we excel. We provide you with a component tem that exactly fits your particular requirements.

Easy three step process

One of our strengths lies in our easy three step process that covers the enire process of virtual employee staffing.

First Step:

The first step is where we open communication about the talent you require. We thoroughly understand your requirements and come up with a short list of candidates that match your required skillset. This step ends with you approving and hiring one or more virtual employees.

Second Step:

Your virtual employee(s) start working on your project. You could communicate to your virtual employee through Skype, phone, IM or email. We keep a record of progress sheets that are shared on daily/weekly and monthly basis.

Third Step:

At the end of your project or as per the contract, your virtual employee is paid. At the end of your project, we release your virtual employee from your contract and reschedule them for another assignment. If you wish, you could retain the employee for further projects.

Are you a Physician or a medical doctor, surgeon or a medical practitioner or cosmetic surgeon or aesthetic doctor or simply a pharmacist running a pharmacy or related in some way or another to any medical or health care field? Are you looking for a way to get noticed and promote your services? At Infinitix Global we understand the requirements of medical website design and offer you the outstanding medical website design and development services which will help you to develop your virtual as well as physical presence in the medical industry.

The website is your first source of creating an impression on your visitors. If your visitors are leaving your medical website without properly viewing your message then there is something wrong or missing in your medical website design. Your website is your foremost opportunity to awe-inspire your visitors whether they are your patients or your potential prospects. You can immediately grasp their attention and develop their interest in your medical practice. For this it is essential that you have a professional medical website layout which successfully enables you to compete with your online competitors

Why choose Infinitix Global for medical website design?

  • We are a trusted company for years offering reliable and impressive medical website designs, development and services for medical web marketing.
  • We have a web team which comprise of medical professionals and practitioners who understand the demands of medical market, terminology and what to do.
  • We are specialist in the field of medical social media marketing, search engine optimization, content creation and web marketing.
  • We have a long term experience of working exclusively with the medical industry and have invested time and efforts to build valuable, trusted and long term professional relationships with our clients.
  • We offer you a complete and comprehensive medical website design and development packages including marketing and management.
  • We offer you continuous and effective management of your medical website growth in order to develop it as a vital asset for your medical practice.
  • We provide you with highly effective SEO services with comprehensive website traffic reports, statistical reports and competitive consultation.
  • We provide our customers with fast and brilliant customer services with the fastest and instant response.

We offer you a complete on-stop shop for all your medical web design and development needs with complete confidence, trust and outstanding outcomes.

Why Choose Us

  • Incomparable Customer Service
  • Custom Web Development Approach
  • Fair Price
  • Quick Turnaround
  • Effective Project Execution Process
  • Marketing Included
  • Insightful use of our proprietary Information Management Systems

What Client’s Say

“I received a number of proposals for my website, but infinitixglobal beat everyone with price, quality of work and a different way of thinking. My website is a static website, but instead of providing me with an already built template, they created a specific template based off of my requests. They also continued to make as many changes as necessary until I was happy. For my first time on this website, I could not have partnered with a better company. For anyone considering infinitixglobal, you will not be disappointed. Thank you again for the great work!”
Aaron Reily , AMR Agency LLC
“If you’re serious about your business, I would HIGHLY recommend this business. With our project they were precise with what they were doing,and the best part is that THEY KNEW WHAT THEY WERE DOING. Trust plays a big role in this businesses and they’ve certainly got our trust. Everything worked out perfectly with our project without any issues at all, they met every single expectation of ours and exceeded it by x100! We can’t wait to get started with another project and look forward to a long term relationship. A++++”
Niki Stefan, Inerol
“I really enjoyed working with this company as they were very responsive and gave me quality work. I will hire them again and appreciate the fact that they will go above and beyond to make sure their clients are satisfied even after the project is complete. Thank you and I recommend working with them!”
Gerard Adams ,
“These guys are the best. They did a great job designing and coding the website. I am now going to hire them to do the SEO. They are Awesome!”
Emil Dotel , Your Mobile Place
“Amazing work on our website! Infinitixglobal went above and beyond what we had expected. They were always friendly, professional, and quick with responding to our messages. They always had a solution to our problems/inquiries. Infinitixglobal was able to complete any and every task/idea/request that we threw their way. We highly recommend them, and will definitely do business with them again! Thanks!”
Shereef & Jeff, Basketball Basics Inc