Social networking is the new buzz word. Everyone, from the stay-at-home-mom to the Big Business have their own concept of social networking. Web development is no exception as a new breed of websites has captured the imagination; web 2.0. Social networking is fast replacing every other form of interaction and marketing. Our social networking web development results in websites that are custom built to reflect the customer’s vision. Our custom designed and developed web 2.0 social networking websites incorporate comprehensive branding solutions. The social networking web development we carry out focus on integrating your existing social media channels with bespoke development of features that offer a homogenous outlook.

Features of social networking web development by Infintix global


Infintix global takes advantage of the latest innovations in Open source software. This means that we use free-of-cost software in our development cycle. The resultant savings in costs are transferred to the client. Open source software also has the advantage of being diverse with a number of plugins that was the customization of the customer’s website.


Our web 2.0 social networking websites are built for long term growth. This means that the customer could scale the project up or down. The performance of the website remains unaffected by the size of eth project.


Stability is a very important factor in social networking web development. Each component of the website goes through intensive load testing to make sure that the website as a whole would be able to withstand the increase in traffic.


Infintix Global makes sure that its web 2.0 social networking websites are easy-to-maintain for its customers. For this purpose, we provide a custom Content Management System that allows the customer to change the appearance, content, text and pictures on the website.


We are well aware of eth need of security for social networking websites. Our experts make sure that the code of eth website is secure from all malicious attacks. We pay particular attention to the database connections as they are most vulnerable to attack.