Blogs represent significant investment in terms of time, money and creativity. Maintaining a blog require you to be very familiar with the goings of your industry. Your posts should be creative, inspiring and informative. There should be a perfect balance of text and images.

Even when you achieve this, it takes a whole lot of efforts to make your blog stand out amongst the multitude of blogs out there. How could a blog achieve and enjoy good search engine rankings.

Experts say that a blog is as good as the person maintaining it. It is essential that you as the blog administrator should take steps in improving the search engine rankings of the blog. It usually means a strict editorial policy that includes editing of the existing and future posts to make them more visible in search engines. Here are three pointers about how to get this daunting task done.

Keywords are the Key

It really boils down to this: keywords are still very relevant to search engine visibility. Use proper keywords in your posts and you will see a sharp rise in the number of hits from search engines. It is essential that you do a bit of research before starting a post.

One of the excellent tools for keyword research is Google AdWord. This tool provides highly customizable information about your targeted keywords. The list includes various combinations of the keywords. Numbers listed beside every entry sows the number of searches on monthly basis.

Presentation of the content is important

Your keywords would lose impact if they are not presented properly. Make sure that you have the thought out your posts before publishing them. You must have a fair idea of how things will go and how the content will flow.

Images are vital for any blog. Images are used to give the user an idea of what the blog post is about. Some visitors use images as a quick scan aid to determine whether they should continue reading or skip the post.

Heading and sub headings

The main title of the blog is called the heading. It is one of the most important components of the blog post. Both the search engines and people give it equal importance.

You should spend some time for planning put the heading of your posts. Make it as attractive and snappy as possible. If possible, introduce a keyword into the heading.

Subheadings are equally important. They are used as breaks between the texts. Search engine also scan the subheadings and allocate ranking on the basis of how efficient the subheadings are.

Remember the impact of images

Images and other visual media have become important in maintain the search engine rankings of a website. Infographics, images that convey information in an attractive and structured format have become very popular on social media. Their popularity means that they get a lot of reposts and shares by people interested in them. Search engines often give heavy weightage to these factors.