Installing a WordPress theme could appear to a challenge that many novice users shy from. After all, a change in the theme could mean a complete alteration in the appearance of the site. This frightens many users and the result is the default themes that come installed with the WordPress.

Changing the theme of the website does not require a high level of technical expertise. You can do this essential maintenance task yourself.

The first question that pops up is where to get a new theme from? The answer is not easy. There are scores of free themes available on the internet. These sources, while free, pose a serious danger to your website. Always read the reviews before downloading anything. Ask around on WordPress forums for reputable theme developers. This will allow you to choose one of the free themes that these developers give away. If you could afford it, get one of them to build a custom theme for your site. This is the best possible solution for your problem.

To install the new theme, follow the following steps.

Download the theme

The first step is to download the theme from your chosen source. Usually the theme is delivered in a ZIP archive. The contents of the package vary but essentially include the graphics and scripts for the theme. In addition, you might get the original license document, the documentation for the theme and the developers’’ advice on how to modify some aspects of the theme.

Always remember to scan the ZIP file for viruses and other malicious code.

Extract the ZIP Package

Double click the icon for the theme ZIP file. Your installed archive program will unzip the theme to a new folder. Check the folder for license file and other goodies.

Upload the theme to your WordPress blog

Use the C- Panel of your website for uploading the theme files to the WordPress directory. Themes are uploaded to the themes folder of the main installation. The folder could be found under the wp-content/themes folder.

Now your theme has been uploaded to your website. It is now time to apply it.

Activate the theme

To activate the theme, you must have administrator privileges. For this you need to login to the site as administrators. Head over to the Admin Panel of the WordPress installation and login as administrator.

Once logged in, head over to the Appearance menu and choose Themes. You will see your theme among the list. Just click the activate link and you are all set.

It is a good idea to do a server refresh at this point. For this open your blog in the browser and press Ctrl and F5 keys simultaneously. This will fetch a fresh copy of the blog to your local cache.