Whether you own your own e-store, app store, e-tailing business or services provider; one thing is for sure. You are looking for new customers to keep the money flowing. In this age of shady SEO practices and outright fleecing of the customers, finding new customers is getting difficult.

There are three ways that you could attract new customers. The important thing to remember about these is that all these ways must work together in order to generate new prospects for your business.

Harness the Social Media

The world is now one huge community with everyone connected to one or more social media channels. Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are the mainstays of our entertainment. People give more weightage to their social ‘friends’ rather than the actual promotional material.

As a business owner, you should be a part of the communities that are made up of your target audience. The level of trust you enjoy in your communities usually determines the traffic to your professional website.

One important indicator of your influence is the ‘authority’ on social media channels. The more authority you have, the more people would be in your circle, the more your posts and tweets will be re-shared.  Always focus on improving your authority ratings on your preferred social media channels. This will get your word out to more people.

Form Partnerships

The days of one window setups are over. Now, success comes to those who offer a small skillset. This allows the company to specialize in one set of technologies rather than being a jack of all trades.

Now that you have specialized in one technology, it is time to seek out other firms that offer a related set of specialization. Offer them a good deal on your services and regularly refer your clients for the work based on their specialities.

Social media is a great medium for finding partners in your industry. Use Facebook and Google searches to come up with reputable names that have established a standing in the market. Approach them in a neutral manner then see the increase in clients.

Do not ignore the advertising budget

Advertising on the internet has gained a lot of notoriety because of spammers and less-than-honest deals from unscrupulous vendors. However, it is still relevant and could become a good source of clients. The trick is to do a thorough keyword research so that you could fashion targeted ad for your intended audience.

The best ad markets are Google and Facebook. Ideally your campaigns should span both platforms with cross linking of the ads. This will generate an all-around advertising that would be difficult to ignore.