Getting a website up and running has become a specialized skill. Gone are the days when you would contact a web development studio and let then handle the job. These days, you are responsible for your website, its design, functionality and appearance.

It is essential that you come up with the best possible combination of design and functionality elements for your website. For this you need to hire a web development team. Before you rush into the details of the job, here are five things you need to consider:

Define the purpose of your website

The first order of eth business is to define the purpose of your website. The core themes should be worked out and you should be very clear in what you wish to accomplish from the website.

The information you wish to present through your website (be it a blog or an ecommerce store) should be properly aligned with your vision of the website. It is essential that you have the content ready before consider the development phase.

Your website is an investment

Consider your website as an investment rather rather than an expense. This means that you should view the website as an integral component of your business/marketing strategy.

Like all your investments, your website should have a clearly defined aim and a thoroughly worked out plan of action. You should be very clear in how much you will invest in your website, in terms of money, time and resources. Similarly, you should expect returns from your investment. These returns will only materialize if you have planned your website accordingly.

All software /platforms are not equal

The number of options available for web development could be mind boggling for many non techies, especially when it comes to backend functionality and latest innovations such as Responsive Web Design.

If you are one of the non technical persons, it is better to ask around rather than deciding upon a set of technologies yourself. Consult your in house technical people. Remember that there are a number of tools that get the job done. If one set of tools worked for your competitor, it is not necessary that you should adopt the same set. Always be on the look out for the most appropriate mix of software tools for your website.

Develop standards to measure the effectiveness of your website

Here is the part that many aspiring website owners miss. A website is a significant investment on your part. To gauge the effectiveness of your website, you should have standards and bottom lines that reflect your goals.

Some common standards include the volume of the traffic, conversion of hits into leads and time spent by an average user on the website. You should focus on your particular niche and develop standards that account for the productivity of your website. This way you will be able to tweak and fine tune the performance of your website easily.

Hire the team

Now you are ready for hiring your web development team. Usually, most businesses prefer to outsource the development process rather than hiring an in-house team. This is fine as long as you keep certain facts in view:

  • Do a thorough research about whom you are hiring. Always check out the credentials of the web development professional before awarding the project
  • Always make sure that you remain in the loop. Many people just sort of forget that have a development process going on. This results in miscommunications, designs that do not meet the requirements and lots of delays.
  • Always mix experience with skills. This way you will have the best of both worlds.