Whether the visitor would consider clicking further on your website or would simply close the tab is highly dependent on the kind of experience they have on your website. It really does not matter if you have all the right information and all the correct elements in their proper place. If the usability quotient of your website is low, the visitor will close the tab. In extreme cases, your website would be mentioned on social media outlets in very unfavourable terms and the damage done by these mentions would take you some time to recover. Hence it is imperative that you offer the very best of experiences to your users.

How can you do that?

Simple! Avoid the following five mistakes that are very common across the internet. If you could prevent these five issues from cropping up on your website, your visitors will have one world of an experience at your website:

Poorly designed Blank Slates

Blank Slates are forms or other areas on your website that indic