The social media platforms are filled with spammers. The presence of fake followers on your social media account such as twitter or Instagram clutter up your feed, reduce the rate of your engagement and expose you as well as your genuine followers to the spamming or phishing which increases the risk of your account deletion. And also remember that fake followers will not buy your services or products!

The fake accounts are only meant to spam and can do a harm more than good to your online reputation as well as to your account. They cause damage to your credibility, decrease engagement and it is even against the rules and regulations of Twitter and InstaGram.

These fake followers neither add any value to your account nor do they have any influence. There is no use of having millions of followers if they are of no value or use. The value of your social reach is to be measured by your engagement and not by the number of followers. Quality is important not the quantity. It means that the fake followers are not good for the health of your online presence and business.

How to spot the fake followers on Twitter and InstaGram?

Look at the rate of engagement of your followers. Are they commenting as well as liking your postings? Are these followers form a component of the cohort that you are targeting?

These are the few methods through which you can identify the fake followers:

  • A sudden surge in the number of followers: Unless you have become a star overnight or you have become a hotshot in a super short span of time, the unusual rise in the number of followers is alarming and can be a result of fake followers.
  • Low level of interactions with the followers: There are many twitter and Instagram accounts that have over million followers but their posts only get less than 100 likes. The low rate of users engagement indicates that the influence of the account is considerably low on its followers. It is highly likely that they have paid followers for their account.
  • Followers without having any profile picture: this is one of the most common indicators of checking the fake followers. You can simply go to the user profile and tap on the ‘Followers’ then scroll downwards to view how many are the fake followers without having any profile picture. You can also check the name of the account holders. If they follow any consistent pattern such as constantly having similar last name or the names from the users of some other language.

How to find the number of fake Twitter and InstaGram account followers?

It has now become quite easy to identify the number of fake followers thankfully to the many handy web applications such as Twitter audit. These apps tell you in a matter of seconds the percentage of your real followers and how many are inactive followers. You can also use them for checking the other people’s account.

  • Fake followers: It is a free tool for checking the fake followers. It works by taking a random sample of your followers and checking it against the set list of criteria which includes a ratio of following to following, red flag or spammy words, tweets or retweets percentage, links and much more.

Fake Flowers

  • TwitterAudit: another useful tool is TwitterAudit that works by taking the 5000 followers random sample from your Twitter account and then gives a scoring analysis based on certain criterion. It works great for checking the accounts with a huge following. For instance, check the account of the daughter of Donald Trump (acclaimed to be the president of USA) which boasts 2 million followers but only nearly half of them are genuine followers. You can use this tool free of cost.

Twitter Audit

  • IGExorcist: This tool is designed to check the fake followers on InstaGram. It identifies the inactive or spammy accounts following you. It crosses check your followers against the accounts that you have been following to gauge users interaction during the past 300 days. It is free to use a tool.


Fake followers can be a threat to your online presence on the social media platforms like Twitter and InstaGram. It may keep you in a relaxed mode regarding your business and have a negative impact. Identifying the fake followers will help you to engage with the genuine ones and focusing on them to promote your business or services.

E you experienced any fake followers? Have you tried out these or any other tools before to check out your followers? If yes, share your experience with us!