WordPress is the most popular e-publishing platform in the world. It is estimated that it powers more websites, blogs, forums and ecommerce sites than any other platform in the world.

Many WordPress installations are used as ecommerce stores with proper inventory listings, contact from and excellent design. However, when it comes to actual selling of the goods or services, many owners and developers turn to either Magnto or Zend Cart for implementing an ecommerce solution.

This is understandable as these two platforms bill themselves as being designed for ecommerce from ground up. Both the platforms have powerful features that provide complete ecommerce functionality and a host of related features.

However, for many WordPress users, implementation of these platforms is a major investment in both money and time. It takes a lot of coordination with your development team, just to get it right. And hiring a skilled team is no easy task. It takes money to hire and retain a good development team.

Fortunately, for many WordPress users, there is another alternative that fits right into their website and does not break the bank either. The solution is in the form of a WordPress plugin known as WP E-commerce Plugin; it is one of the most well known, stable and robust ecommerce solutions available on WordPress platform. Here are some benefits of using the plugin:

It is familiar to the users

The buyers at any ecommerce store are usually reluctant to try anything new. This includes any new ecommerce solutions. WP E-commerce Plugin has been a familiar sight on many ecommerce stores. Currently, the plugin has been downloaded more than 300,000 times. This is an indication of the trust that the users have on the capabilities of the plugin.

It Has Links To all popular Payment Gateways

Payment gateway integration is a thorny issue and is essentially what makes or breaks an ecommerce platform. WP e-commerce Plugin supports all major payment gateways right out of the box. The list includes PayPal, Google Checkout, Chronopay and Manual Payment.

It’s Easy to Install and It Works Well with Other Plugins

The average download time of the plugin is five minutes. The installation takes another five minutes. Since the plugin has been written from ground up for WordPress, there are no conflicts or fatal errors resulting in the crash of the installation.

There is no clash with the plugins currently installed on the website. WP E-commerce Plugin creates a section for itself in the Admin Panel which is subdivided into several categories.

It Is Easier To Customize

The best thing about WP E-Commerce is the easy customization of the plugin. The plugin is widget based and allows several easy to access widgets in the sidebar of the store. The best example of these widgets is the Shopping Cart widget that could be featured prominently on the website.

The customers could have easy access to their shopping history, browse inventory through the inventory widget and check out using the payment widgets. the full list of widgets include shopping cart, categories and sub categories, groups, price filters and a donation widget. All of these widgets could be displayed anywhere on the website.