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    Fake Followers Are Easy To Spot – Did Ivanka Trump Buy Followers

Fake Followers Are Easy To Spot – Did Ivanka Trump Buy Followers

The social media platforms are filled with spammers. The presence of fake followers on your social media account such as twitter or Instagram clutter up your feed, reduce the rate of your engagement and expose you as well as your genuine followers to the spamming or phishing which increases the risk of your account deletion. And also remember that fake followers will not buy your services or products!
The fake […]

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Welcome to Infinitix Global

Want a fantastic looking and profit- generating website, more traffic, links and subscribers? Infinitix Global gives you the solutions you need to succeed.

Infinitix Global was conceived out of a defined need for a creative, professional and business minded team of marketers, project managers, designers and developers focused on providing complete web solutions to companies and individuals alike. Our innovations, marketing expertise and drive for quality accelerated our growth and […]

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Stationary Design

Get Impressive business stationery design for your business.

Well designed stationery is the first measure of the trustworthiness of your business. Excellent stationery designs are instrumental in generating goodwill of the customers.

Business stationery design is a sensitive matter in which colours, fonts and images combine to create a pleasing impression on the receiver. Stationery designs are not limited to just letterheads. At infintixglobal, we create the full range of office […]

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Logo Design

Your business could do with a fresh looking logo

A new logo completely revitalizes a brand and is a very cost effective way of repositioning a brand.  This is why many businesses now opt for a new logo rather than going through the hassle of rebranding and re-establishing old brands.

Business logo design is a unique subject in the broader logo design world.

Business logo designs actually carry more restrictions then logos […]

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Social networking is the new buzz word. Everyone, from the stay-at-home-mom to the Big Business have their own concept of social networking. Web development is no exception as a new breed of websites has captured the imagination; web 2.0. Social networking is fast replacing every other form of interaction and marketing. Our social networking web development results in websites that are custom built to reflect the customer’s vision. Our […]

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Bespoke Development

Infintix Global is your best option for web application development services. Our team of experts turn your ideas into viable web based applications that add value to your business processes. For custom application development, we employ the latest technologies and development models so that your idea is up-and-running well within your deadline.


Our dedicated team of web application developers is well versed in converting core ideas into web based applications. […]

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Ecommerce Solutions

One of the must-have for any business today is an ecommerce website. In today’s connected world, an ecommerce website is an important component of the business. Infintixglobal has both the expertise and experience that are essential to the success of any ecommerce project implementation.

The number of businesses that try to save on ecommerce web development is huge. Everyone wants a cheap ecommerce website design. London, like other hubs of […]

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Web Design

Gone are the days of slow loading websites with grainy images and cluttered looks.  At Infintix Global, we design minimalistic websites with super clean looks.

In London, web design has undergone a revolution with custom web design being the new ‘in’ thing. This trend has spread all over the world and now every website you visit is the result of web design services of a professional team.

This means that the […]

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12 steps to a wonderful ecommerce website

The moment the idea comes for anew ecommerce website, people usually start jumping up and down. The next stage is a mad rush to get the website up and running. This usually involves a lot of talk about website design and platforms and meetings. Some other guy would be making a to-do that is usually forgotten the minute the meeting ends.

Usually, as the launch deadline approaches, the whole project […]

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Impact of Colours on Web Design

Colours are often the least discussed part of web design. Some clients provide their colour scheme and others simple debate the issue until the designer gets fed up. Whatever the case, it is essential that you as a designer must realise the importance of colours in the overall scheme of things.

Choosing the right colour scheme is vital because colours have a direct impact on how we see things and […]

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