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Want a fantastic looking and profit- generating website, more traffic, links and subscribers? Infinitix Global gives you the solutions you need to succeed.

Infinitix Global was conceived out of a defined need for a creative, professional and business minded team of marketers, project managers, designers and developers focused on providing complete web solutions to companies and individuals alike. Our innovations, marketing expertise and drive for quality accelerated our growth and launched Infinitix Global.

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About Us

Our Company Mission

Infintix Global has simple mission: We aim to provide the very best in technological solutions for our valued customers. Our vision is to enable businesses achieve their full potential in their chosen industry. For us the key to a successful project is consistent communication, through attention to details and timely delivery of the solution.

Meet Our Company

Infinitix Global assists you in achieving your medical practice websites goals by creating professional looking, captivating and user friendly websites which caters to the requirements of your potential visitors in all aspects. Our company has been enthusiastically and passionately helping the medical personnel in the medical website design and development.

We exclusively specializes in design, management and marketing of medical websites and websites for dentists , medical doctors and practitioners, health care professionals, health care organizations and the medical equipment providing companies. We are not only skillful in providing you with highly effective and impressive healthcare website designs but also enable it to get high ranking in the popular search engine rankings like Google and Bing. We make responsive websites so that they are easily compatible to respond easily and smoothly on devices of any size i.e. tablets and smartphones.


How We Work

Infintix Global has a well-defined project delivery mechanism. Our process is the result of experiences that we have gathered during working for various clients. The process is independent of the clients’ industry and chosen technologies.

The first step is Requirement Analysis. Here we gather and analyse the details about the project and the client. This enables our project managers and team members to form a clear picture of what the project is all about.

The second step comprises of design and development of the project. The customer is always kept in the loop with every milestone being approved by both the project manager and the client.

The third step is the Quality Assurance in which we thoroughly examine the developed solution for efficiency, effectiveness and suitability for the client’s needs.

The final step is the actual delivery of the solution to the client.

Our Ethics

Infintix Global has well developed code of Ethics in place. Three major pillars of this code are:

  • Privacy for all client related information
  • Going the extra mile for the client
  • Providing a solution that fulfils and enhance the capabilities of the client’s project
Meet our team

We are proud to have a team of dedicated professionals who have deep and professional understanding of the medical and healthcare understating along with the complete command over their respective IT skills. Our team also comprises of professional doctors and practitioners who provide us with their valuable advice and information regarding the medical industry and enable us to deliver you the best medical website design which perfectly caters to all your professional and business needs.

They create everything in your medical website design that is requirement of your physician website design, medical practice, healthcare and cosmetic or medical equipment website design. It includes the customized web pages, mobile responsive website design and animations with the fetching images and photographs. It is vital for your medical business to appear in the online search because now majority of the patients search for the medical services and practitioners through online search.

Our Experience and Approach

With our extensive and broad experience in the medical website design, development, management and marketing, we can assure that we will create the website design for doctors and health care professionals that will be aligned with your goals, specialty, services and requirements of your clients and patients.

Our medical practice websites will be exclusively tailored to highlight your competencies and the qualities of your medical practice and your work for your patients. We ensure that the patients that locate your medical website on the internet get the favorable and positive impression about your medical practice.

The before and after pictures form an integral part of cosmetic website design, to show the effects of your treatment. It is essential to show them in a clear, concise and impressive way on both desktop and mobile medical website designs for the clear view and understanding of the patients. To meet this requirement, we have created our unique responsive slider which will smoothly and clearly present before and after pictures on both desktop and mobile.

For the medical and health care professionals as well as for the medical equipment suppliers we offer the state-of-the-art healthcare and medical equipment website design which will enable you to create a desirable impression on your potential clients, will promote and create awareness about your services, offer education and resources for the patients and will promote your medical business to the larger scale.


Our Crazy Skills

Ecomerce Design and Development 90%
Custom WordPress Development 95%
Search Engine Optimization 85%
Corporate Identity Design 90%

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