A WordPress blog is one of the best things you can do for your online presence. The platform is easy to setup, the whole experience of blogging is very rewarding and it is easy to build connections with the readers through comments and social media.

As soon as you enter the WordPress universe, you are confronted with plugins. These building blocks of the WordPress platform perform diverse functions that include blog management, promotion and enhancing the blog with various features.

The problem begins when a blogger of average technical skills has to choose from the multitude of plugins. For any task, you can be sure that there are a number of plugins, both free and paid. This complicates the process of selecting the right plugin for the job.

Here are five plugins for WordPress that have established their reputation for easy installation, sustained performance and reliable support from the WordPress community


Sociable is the best social media plugin you could get for WordPress. In the current setup, you must remain on top of your social media game. Given the number of channels, it is not easy for a blogger to manually update all the channels. Socialable updates all your social media channels and inform the digital world of your latest post.

WordPress Backup To Dropbox

The very worst thing that could happen to a WordPress blog is the loss of data in a crash. How could you recover all those posts, images and videos? The situation is even worse for creative bloggers who depend on their past creative ideas for inspiration and traffic.

The popularity of Dropbox as a data storage and backup service is based on excellent services and reliability of the service. WordPress Backup To Dropbox is an ideal plugin that instantly saves a copy of your work to your Dropbox account.

Post Ender

Every blogger has a particular way of closing the post. Some prefer a signature line while others have an inline image. When the frequency of posts increases, it becomes difficult to use a consistent signature for your posts. In comes Post Ender, the perfect plugin for this particular task. Now all your endings will look the same and give a consistent look to your site.


Spam is one of the worst things on the internet. Even worse is spam in WordPress blog comments. Akismet is considered to be world’s most efficient spam detection systems. It has solidified its reputation as the premier spam fighting plugin for WordPress. The comments are run through algorithms that are designed specifically to detect spam comments. This way you have a clean blog and less spam to deal with. The plugin is free for personal blogs while professional and business blogs have to buy a subscription.

Link Checker

A broken link is one of the surest signs of an amateur blogger. Broken links frustrate the reader and reduce the quality of your post. It is virtually impossible to check each and every link on your blog. Using Broken Link Checker, you could let the plugin handle all the work of discovering broken links. The plugin checks all the outbound links and verifies their validity. This saves a lot of time for the blogger and a lot of headache for the reader.