Social Media has taken the world by storm. It has become one of the best sources of sales leads and traffic for a website. Building and maintaining a viable social media presence is, therefore a task that occupies everyone from a small two-man team to largest of the multinationals.

WordPress, being the dominant blogging platform in the world, powers a number of websites. However, blogs remain the major implementation of the platform.  Even ecommerce websites have a WordPress blog attached to them. These blogs are considered to be an efficient vehicle for driving traffic to the intended channels.

Here are five tips that you can use to drive traffic to your social media channels and grow your web presence.

Create Great Content

Social Media is all about consumption of content. This means that if your blog has content that interest social media followers of your blog, a fraction of them will convert into possible sales lead.

After the recent updates of Google, quality of the content has become the foremost prerequisite of success of any online entity. Blogs, particularly, must present original and engaging content to the readers in order to retain and enhance their rank in Google search index.

A piece of content that attracts and retain users’ attention is the best possible way of gaining followers on social media channels.

Increase Interaction

The word in the term Social Media is Social. A social media presence is as good as the people who populate a particular channel. If you wish more traffic for your social media channels, the best source would be the readership of your blog. To engage the readers on your website, try to interact with them.  Try to answer all comments. If someone requires a suggestion or help on a technical topic, be the first to answer them.

Increase Sharing options on the blog

It is an obvious point but many people often forget this small but very important detail. To increase traffic to your social media channels, it is vital that the content in your blog should be sharable at social media channels.  Rather than limiting yourself to a single social media button at the top, side or bottom of the blog, make sure that there is a Share button for every post on the blog.

Make sure that it remains a two way street

Your WordPress blog and your social media channels are not mutually exclusive. They exist on the same internet and therefore the traffic should flow to and from both points. This means that your WordPress blog and your social media channels should link to each other. Many bloggers cross-post to their social media channels but forget to connect the specific posts to their counterparts on the WordPress blog.

Explore Social Media Channels

New social media websites continue to pop up every now and then. This constant change in the social media world means that your WordPress blog is the only constant base of users you can depend upon. Always explore new social media websites in order to evaluate their position in your digital marketing scheme.