Home page of a website is the welcome mat where you visitor decides to enter your website or not. Usually this decision is made on the basis of the looks, feel and attractiveness of the home page.

It is a sad fact that while many web developers and site owners spend a lot of time on making their site attractive, they often ignore their home page. This often results in frustrated visitors, loss in revenues because of decreased traffic.

Here are five things you should do in order to give your visitors an excellent experience from the first page they would see:

Loading Time

Make sure that your website’s home page loads in a reasonable time. The average visitor has a very low patience threshold. If your home page makes a user wait, chances are that they will go elsewhere. For faster loading time consider the following points:

  • Avoid a graphics intensive homepage.
  • Make sure that there are no slow outbound or incoming links. These are a major lag and slows the load time
  • Make sure that any image on the home page is scaled down to its minimum resolution.

Brief introduction of the website

An essential element missing from many ecommerce and traffic funnelling websites is a brief introduction of what the website is all about. Sure there is an about us page and the information about the merchandise is clearly and concisely presented on the relevant pages. But the visitors start from the home page. A short version of the about us text will be a nice heads up for the visitors.

A clear call to action

Designers and content strategists often argue that calls to action are more appropriate for inner pages where the actual inventory and sales cart are visible to the visitor. This is smart thinking as a perfect call to action at these pages will usually result in conversion. However, some experts argue that home page could have a modified call to action that focuses on getting the visitor click the inventory button. Once the user is there, the regular call to actions cloud take their course.

Visual appeal

This point has been embraced by many designers and web developers. The home page should be as visually appealing as possible because of one simple fact. It is the visual appeal of the home page that lures the visitor in and makes them check out the pages.