Lightbox were introduced almost six years ago. It was just one of the JavaScript plugins that added functionality to the browsers. However, the idea caught on and now there are light box scripts and plugins for almost every platform. One of the places where lighbox scripts are heavily used is ecommerce websites that depend on the scripts to display a larger version of the image.

However, your WordPress blog could also benefit greatly from lightbox is your WordPress blog.  Here are five reasons why:

WordPress has very weak image formatting

The default image formatting in WordPress has one glaring flaw. It presents the image in block format. When a user clicks the image, it opens up in a separate window. This removes the reader’s focus from your post to another browser window.  Lightbox was created to remedy this specific problem.

Lighboxes are critical for photo blogs that usually rely on images and photos for their content. Lightboxes bring these images front-and-centre and prevents the user from wandering off the blog.

WordPress themes do not auto scale

Many of the WordPress themes do not auto scale the images. This serious shortcoming results in images that run out of margins into the sidebars. This is often seen at the personal blogs where the admin often do not preview their posts. Using a light box removes this issue by displaying the image in a layer overlapping the original page.

WordPress image editor is too much work

Even if you decide to use an auto scaling theme and take care in posting your image, you will find that the default WordPress image editor is too much work. You have to take care of a lot of things just to post perfect images to your blog. Lightbox takes care of most of the image formatting tasks. This removes the possibility of human error.

WordPress image upload is too simple

The default WordPress image upload program is just that- a simple image upload code snippet. It does not offer any features that are now considered standard on other platforms. Lightbox offers a huge range of options that allow you to upload the image with precise dimensions, size and parameters.

Down sampling is a no-no

Some WordPress experts say that high res images should be down sampled to accommodate the WordPress themes. This serious mistake would result in images that look grainy and pixelated. Lightbox allows you to display gorgeous pictures in their full glory without the need for spending time with an image editor.