WordPress has become one of the most talked about platform in the world. It has generated a lot of controversy and the people on both sides have their arguments. However, the success of WordPress as a viable platform for blogs and websites is apparent to all. Here are five reasons why WordPress has become the top CMS of choice for most of the world:

User Friendly

WordPress is designed so that a user with moderate technical knowhow could manage the blog. This ease comes from an important design feature called the Dashboard. Dashboard allows the user to manage everything from one location. The dashboard of the latest WordPress version allows the user to tweak almost all aspects of the CMS. The various tabs could be used to change the appearance, content, user access, layout and plugins installed on the platform.

Easy SEO

High rankings on Google are the ultimate aim of all the websites. WordPress offers an edge in this ‘quest’ through its permanent links feature. The ability to change the link of your post gives you a chance to introduce your targeted keywords in the URL of the post. Similarly, there are a number of plugins that take care of SEO activities with minimum input from the administrator.

It has been debated whether WordPress blogs have a higher chances of ranking higher on Google index. Google has denied the rumours, but many SEO professionals still insists that this is true.


Themes are the most impressive feature of WordPress. Themes manage all the visual and content display functions for the blog. A theme is an excellent implementation decision by WordPress developers. It separates the core working parts of the CMS from the display and rendering of the data.

A number of excellent free themes provide excellent visual appeal to the CMS. However, many professional and commercial installations go for a custom theme. A custom theme is developed by a team that has extensive experience in WordPress development. The idea behind custom theme is to integrate features in the CMS that are not usually present in custom themes. These features include various sliders, plugins and widgets.

Plenty of Plugins

Plugins are small widgets that enhance the core functionality of the CMS. It is said that there is a plugin for everything in WordPress. Plugins extend the functionality of the platform by integrating features that are not installed by default or are entirely missing from the core implementation.

Support of the Community

The popularity of WordPress is partly due to the huge support community that comprises of the users, administrators and above all the developers of the platform. Free resources make it easy to manage the blog. If you wish to have a plugin developed or desire a custom theme, you will be surprised by the number of developers that re willing to undertake your project are very competitive rates.