WordPress has pretty much cornered the market in blogosphere. Professionals, from doctors to musicians and pro chefs prefer WordPress for their personal and professional blogs. It is estimated the WordPress power 66,732,881 blogs and websites in the world.

Here are five reasons why the world prefers WordPress over other content management systems.

User Friendly

WordPress is perhaps the most user friendly platform in the world. It is considered to be accessible, easy to use and implement. There are two main reasons for this perception:

The platform is designed in PHP, one of the most popular scripting languages in the world. PHP also boasts of a huge user base with developers distribute all over the globe. WordPress has taken advantage of this user base and has become the go-to blogging platform used by these professionals.

The second and the more important reason is the large number of plugins and extensions that make the platform completely customizable. It is said that there is a plugin for everything in the WordPress universe.


This is related to the first point. Customization is the most sought after feature in any software platform. Blogosphere is populated with people with skillsets ranging from completely clueless to experts. Such a diverse range means that in order to be successful, a blogging platform has to offer something to every user. WordPress does this admirably with its huge plugin market.


WordPress started out as a simple blogging platform. The original version was just a blog and comment management system rolled in a programmable package. Today, WordPress has become a complete content management system supporting everything from a personal blog to complex ecommerce solutions.

This indicated the strength of the platform. WordPress has proven itself to be adaptable to almost every application on the internet


The world now revolves round search engines. The aim of every activity on the internet is to gain a higher ranking and thus increased visibility on search engines. This has given birth to the art of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Since its inception, WordPress has made it easy for the developers and users to create arrange and display content according to the needs of SEO. With a number of plugins designed solely for SEO, WordPress is now the best option for people looking for higher SE rankings.


Last but not in any least, WordPress has one of the best communities both on and off the internet. This is the best thing about using WordPress as your standard blogging platform. Because of the widespread usage and the diverse applications, you can be sure that the problem you are facing right now is not unique. Someone somewhere has seen it before and has a fix published on the internet. If you cannot find it, just post at one of the numerous WordPress support forums. You will be surprised at the speed and effectiveness of the responses.