Joomla has now become one of the best known alternate for WordPress. Its popularity is based on several of its features that allow for easy implementation, administration and management of the CMS.

Joomla is now the second most popular CMS after WordPress. More and more web projects now actually consider Joomla as a viable alternative to WordPress.

WordPress has become too large a platform to remain competitive for small and medium businesses. If you are one of them, here are five reasons for considering Joomla for your next project

Joomla is slowly gaining ground

Joomla is becoming popular for its many features that offer superior management and implementation. The number of websites that are now powered by Joomla are on the rise. This is partly due to integrated support for e commerce activities and partly due to the newness of the platform. The second point ensures that the platform remains agile and responsive to both the developers, users and visitors.

Joomla now has an impressive extensions directory

With almost 6000 extensions in its official directory, Joomla offers a lot of options for accomplishing a particular task. Most of the extensions deal with ecommerce applications and visual aspects of the implementations.

Some people might argue if this number is insignificant compared to the number of plugins available for WordPress. However, a look at the plugin directory of WordPress will reveal such useless plugins as catify, a plugin that serves no useful purpose at all.

Joomla has some well-known supporters

Joomla powers the website of Leonardo Di Caprio.

Not impressed yet?

Joomla also powers the website of IKEA, EPSON R&D and GE Transportation.  The early adoption by these big names is a sure sign of trust on the power and diversity of the platform.

Joomla was designed from ground up to be easy to implement and extend. The CMS itself has power functionalities as its core feature. This reduces the time of development and implementation and makes the business start functioning as soon as possible.

Intuitive Admin Area

Admin areas are the Achilles heels of CMS. Many of the budding CMS failed because of either too simple or too complex admin areas. The important thing to realize is that a CMS is as powerful as the freedom it allows to the administrators of the website. The admin area of Joomla is designed to make sure that the issues that plagued WordPress users do not distract Joomla users.

Out Of Box Installations-Joomla is more beautiful and powerful than WordPress

The out of box installations are the best test of the power and ease a CMS offers to user. In the comparison, the WordPress seriously lacks. The default template of WordPress offer nominal options and setup features then Joomla. A joomla default site is beautiful and packed with all the tools required to get any type of generic website going.

This capability could be further extended by using one or more extensions from the official Joomla directory.