Ecommerce stores are notorious for their finicky nature. It is very difficult to predict what will work or what will fail on the internet. This maxim is truer in the case of ecommerce stores. What works for one ecommerce store might not work for another because of subtle differences in the way niches work.

Many “experts” device complete strategies for making an ecommerce store successful. Usually, these strategies cost a good chunk of advertising money set aside for the project. An interesting fact about these strategies is that there is no guarantee that they would work.  However, all the strategies boil down to five simple points. As an ecommerce store owner, you must take these points into consideration at all times.

Discounts rule

Just like in brick and mortar stores, discounts are the major attraction for many visitors. For an ecommerce store, discounts are a tricky thing to get right. The key is to offer just the right margin on the right product. If you could manage this, your store will experience a rise in both traffic and sales.

First, do a thorough research on the most popular items in your inventory, look at the records of the past months’ sales and select the first five top performing items. Next come up with a discount margin that would give you return on your inventory and attract customers.

Create a shopping guide for your store

This is a very important step that many ecommerce stores skip. Usually ecommerce stores carry a lot of items. This is why a shopping guide is crucial for your visitors. Make sure that the most popular, trendy and newest items in your inventory are featured in a downloadable shopping guide. This will help your visitors in selecting the most suitable item quickly.

Give them a shipping calendar

A shipping calendar is essential for an ecommerce store. Yet many stores fail to offer one or put it where many shoppers miss it. Delivery dates are a major concern for online shopping crowd. If your store could offer a definitive date and time for the delivery, you will see a major upward change in both traffic and sales.

Add a live Chat

Live chats offers a chance to talk to a real person. This is a major incentive for an online shopper who would have a lot of questions that the product description and FAQ of your ecommerce store could not answer. The trend of adding live chats is on the rise. Major Ecommerce platforms offer this component as essential part of their default installation.

Make sure that you have a list of regular clients

Always try to get the contact information of your customers. This way you could have a list of emails for your promotion campaigns. However, make sure that you have the customer’s consent before emailing them your offers. This abuse of privacy is a major turn off for customers. Do it once and you will see a major decrease in your traffic and subsequently sales.